What Are Software Reviews?

Software reviews is a meeting or process through which a company’s software product, a new software application or a newly developed software application is reviewed by an executive team, programmers, customers, users, other stakeholders, or any interested party. The main purpose of reviewing the software is to make sure that the new software application fits into the company’s existing software stack and that it has all of the necessary features and functionality. Reviews are usually conducted in a company’s quarterly software development cycle; at this time senior management will meet to discuss software updates and upgrades. The purpose of the software reviews is not only to ensure that the new software application works but also to provide feedback from the software testing team to the executive team and executives.

There are two types of software reviews; the first is the end-to-end or complete software product review and the second is the feature and functionality review of the software. End-to-end software product reviews provide feedback from all stakeholders including software testers, executives and the company’s product management team.

The second type of Software Reviews is the feature and functionality review of the software application. The primary objective of this review is to verify the functionality of the software application and the compatibility with the existing software stack, as well as to verify the compatibility with future business applications. In this review, the testers may verify the behavior of the software application in various scenarios.

Software reviews are conducted by different people including the product management team, engineering team, testers and executives. The role of the product management team is to validate the functionality and usability of the software before it is released to the general public.

The role of the engineering team is to test the software for quality assurance during the software development cycle. The role of the testers is to verify the software application after the software has been finalized.

The role of the product management team is to develop the final version of the software and then release it into the market. The role of the executives is to monitor the sales and profitability of the software application and to ensure that it meets all of the expectations of the end users. All of these roles have to be fulfilled before the software is released to the market. Thus, reviews are very important in the development cycle of the software application.

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