T-Shirt and Vestido Article Both Made for Women

In his series of articles for Batik Plus, photographer Vicente Gangelinza brings together the best of both Spanish fashion and traditional Indian garments in a single creation-the Vestido indiano curto. The traditional Indian garment is made from an old style of Indian salwar kameez (dress), which consists of long trouser, heavy baggy drawstring pants and a scarf or shawl tied around the neck. The end result is a garment that is heavily weighed down with buttons, beads, zardosi and sequins.

The vestido long kaftan Indiana estampada in blue is one of the most sought after outfits among the Indian salwar kameez varieties. This garment is also known as the gladiator sandals. Made in the traditional style, this designer outfit has been created using a number of beautiful fabrics such as resham embroidery, silk embroidery, netting, rayon and suede. The combination of such exotic fabrics with Indian patterns, this designer outfit is considered a great beauty. The material used is noted for its smoothness and the vibrant shades ranging from light blue to deep azure are offered in this creation.

In the series of articles for Batik Plus, Vicente Gangelinza offers a very interesting creation-the vestido long kaftan indiano longo. In this outfit, he uses a blend of red and pink colors with gold trim. The outfit is accompanied with a pair of pointed pumps. This article has pictures that are available for the customers who are interested.

Another creation is the vestido curto plus size long kaftan. It is designed in the classic style of a kaftan with sequins and gold thread work. In addition to this, it comes with a pair of strappy sandals. The article is available for the customers who are interested. The price of this article is not yet known.

The other item of clothing in the series of articles is the esgotado vestido kaftan indiano. This particular outfit is a part of the traditional Mexican blouses, jeans, and jackets. The material used in manufacturing this outfit is polyester. The article has a nice fit and is embroidered with floral designs. The price is not yet known.

The vestido tornado is a type of long-sleeved blouse that usually comes with a long skirt. It is manufactured from a combination of polyester and rayon to provide maximum comfort and durability. It comes in a variety of colors and styles such as the black vestido bordado with sequins. It also comes in a short sleeve kaftan. This article has pictures of the longo style jackets along with the short sleeves and skirts.

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