Gold Coast Clear Cartridges

While some people report positive results with the Clear Gold Coast vape cartridge, others have reported negative results. There are some confusion around the brand. Some have questioned whether it’s a non-regulated brand. Another question is why abbreviated as GCC. Another problem is that the company does not have a website or significant social media presence. Although this does not mean that the company is a fraud, it suggests that they do not have the appropriate regulatory authority to ensure consumer security. There is even a rumor that is unfounded that the Clear Coast Gold cartridge contains “Gold Coast Ghost”, which is said to damage the brain.

While the Gold Coast Clear Carts looks like a standard dispensary basket, not. It is also not sold legally in the controlled cannabis market. Apart from their appearance, the company advertises that the product contains premium printers mixed with cold ethanol solvents. This claim has been discredited widely due to the fact that many drug dealers use these products. In fact, Gold Coast Clear Carts users have reported experiencing “synthetic height” which can be dangerous.

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