Changenow’s review

Changenow is a platform for Cryptocurrency’s exchange and wallet. It offers several crypto services for partner exchanges, including a wallet called Now Wallet. In addition, this provides fire to other platforms, so those who want to integrate crypto services can easily do it. Changenow has partnered with a number of wallets, including output, ledger, and trezor. Those who use other wallets must check nodes now, who offer explorers and nodes for more than 1000 coins.

The platform claims to use an automatic risk management system that marks suspicious transactions, according to KYC/AML regulations and AML European directions. However, it is unclear how many users are marked, or how they are verified. In the end, there is a possibility that only a few percent of users are marked. That means, it is impossible to get a complete picture of the process of risk management of certain exchange platforms.

Changenow is a trustworthy platform, with many positive reviews online. According to Trustpilot, the Changenow platform has received 4.5 ranking, while the application has a ranking of 4.3 on the Google Play Store. There are some unfounded complaints about the Changenow platform, including accusations of fraud that users send fake ID images to verify their identities. This caused an investigation of this problem.

To use Changenow, users must have a wallet with an ERC-20 token or Binance Change (BEP2). Apart from this, users can also use Changenow’s cellular applications for Android devices for trading and store their digital assets. This application has a fixed rate to deposit and attract digital coins. Changenow also recommends the use of Guarda Wallet for cryptocurrency transactions. This service offers additional benefits for businesses that want to receive free payment for their goods and services.

Changenow is a popular non-ravish crypto exchange. This allows users to exchange several cryptocurrency in seconds without the need to register. This exchange platform supports hundreds of cryptocurrency and does not limit the amount of currency that can be traded by users. Changenow is easy to use and does not require registration. In addition, this is integrated with several Fiat providers, including Simplex and Guardarian. Users can buy cryptocurrency using a mastercard, visa, or nearly 60 Fiat currencies.

Changenow also offers his own wallet. He does not store personal data on the server. User funds are stored on their devices, ensuring privacy and security. In addition, it does not store digital assets of its users, so there is no need to worry about losing them. Apart from a safe wallet, non-powered exchanges will also allow users to store their funds in an external crypto wallet. Non-customer exchanges will allow users to access their funds in the privacy and security of their own wallet.

Changenow has made waves in the Crypto room. Launched in September 2017, this became the first big exchange platform to support Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork. In just one day, the exchange processes $ 1 million in BTG transactions. Changenow offers a developing product ecosystem, including instant crypto exchange services, lightning nodes, and crypto payment systems. The company is supported by CHN Group Limited, registered with Seychelles.

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