Salar Nouri

Born in Iran, Salar Nouri is a British-Iranian filmmaker and producer. He is best known for his groundbreaking CG short film Treemen. Nouri studied in the UK before attending the University of Southern California to study directing. He studied under Academy Award nominee Michael Uno and completed his MA in Text and Performance at the Royal Academy of Drama/c Arts. He is the founder of Nouri Pictures. This company specializes in producing CG films and shorts.

In 2020, Salar Nouri established his own production company, Nouri Pictures. Nouri Pictures is a young company that has made an impact in the animated short film world. His team creates unique, mystical images and rich storylines. Treemen, a fantasy short film about a female protagonist in a mystical tribe, will premier at film festivals around the world in 2022. The film is only the beginning of Salar Nouri’s career, and his future looks promising.

Nouri Pictures, Salar Nouri production company, was founded in 2020, two years after Nouri’s master’s degree. The company has been busy working on its first short film, Treemen, for two years. The film follows the adventures of a young woman who questions the identity of her mysterious mystical tribe. The short film follows a girl’s journey to discover the truth behind her people. Nouri is sure to make an impact in the short film industry with his first feature.

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