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In Australia, the Entrance Tigers compete in the Central Coast Division Rugby League. The club previously competed in the Ron Massey and Jim Beam Cups. In 2022, the club will compete in the Denton Engineering Cup. Fans can cheer on the team at their home ground or online. Their stadium can hold up to 16,000 fans.

The school’s mascot, the ทางเข้าไทเกอร์, became a mascot in 1911 when the Class of 1879 chose a tiger as its mascot. The tiger is seen as an unifying element of the campus. The tiger was first captured in India by Albert Red Howard’s father, and then transferred to the New Jersey zoo. This was not the last live tiger to roam the Princeton campus, however.

While the lions in Nassau Hall were designed by French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, the Tigers were created by A.P. Proctor, who was also responsible for the statues of the Statue of Liberty. A.P. Proctor was responsible for sculpting the tigers, which stood guard at the entrance of Nassau Hall from 1889 to 1911.

The first tiger on campus was carved into stone between Blair and Little halls. Later, it was made a permanent fixture. The tiger entrance is now one of Princeton’s most recognizable features. The tiger is the campus’ mascot. It has a long tradition of socializing, and Princeton’s mascot has even been accompanied by a tigress. She used to wear orange bows on her head.

The new Tiger stadium is larger than its predecessor and has four new entry points. One of these entrances is located near the Maravich Center elevator. Another entrance is located near the Manship Journalism School Building. There are also other premium entrances in Tiger Stadium. The staff at these entrances will help premium guests find seats and club lounges.

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