Electric Demolition Robots

Electric demolition robots are an evolving and increasingly valuable piece of equipment in the construction landscape. They deliver raw power and precision to areas where excavators, skid-steers and backhoes can’t go.

Selective robotic demolition is a more cost-effective way to remove interior concrete reinforcement, sprinklers and conduit without requiring scaffolding or shoring. It’s also safer than hand breaking.

These remote-controlled machines are capable of removing all types of structural material in confined spaces and with restricted access, such as inside buildings and large structures. They eliminate the need for costly, time-consuming and dangerous scaffolding.

They are also environmentally friendly, since they don’t emit harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide and nitrous oxides. This makes them safe for indoor work and can reduce air pollution levels in sensitive environments.

Most models are electric, with zero-emission motors running on 480V, three-phase power. Some models have diesel-powered versions for outside jobs or where power is not available.

Brokk is a leading manufacturer of robotic equipment that specializes in remote-controlled machines and attachments for a variety of industries including construction, mining, tunnelling, cement and other speciality applications. Its smallest model, the Brokk 60, weighs 1,100 pounds and is less than 24 inches wide, making it easy to maneuver through standard doorways.

Its three-part https://katspare.com/electric-demolition-robots/ arm allows for more maneuverability than a single-arm machine such as an excavator or backhoe. It also offers more downward force than a hammer on a traditional excavator.

This makes it possible to break down wall and ceiling materials more quickly than four men using conventional methods. It also eliminates vibration and noise, allowing it to be used in sensitive environments.

Demolition contactors can be outfitted with a range of attachments that make them more versatile and efficient than traditional tools. These include hydraulic breakers, shears and crushers.

Hydraulic breakers are the most common tool in a demolition contactor’s arsenal, but shears are gaining popularity. These attachments can cut through metal and rebar, rather than burning it like a torch.

Shears can be used for a range of projects, including cutting through concrete reinforcement, conduit and wire. They can be attached to the end of a demolition contactor’s arms for quick, safe and accurate cuts.

They can also be fitted to a rammer for rock crushing and other heavy demolition tasks. They are particularly useful for removing rebar or exposing the concrete in underground mines.

The hammer on a demolition robot is much larger and more powerful than a typical breaker on a backhoe or excavator. This gives the machine an edge on removing rebar and other heavy materials in extreme conditions, such as deep or unstable soil.

When the hammer on a demolition robot is coupled with an attachment such as a shear, it can cut through steel and other hard material at a higher rate than a hammer on a rammer on a backhoe or excavator. It also provides a more stable, controlled and more productive alternative to handheld torches for cutting materials that are too hard or fragile for hand tools.

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